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Featuring Clinical Specialist Nurse Nicki Connolly

Advanced dermal fillers and filler facelifts, wrinkle relaxing injections and skincare. 

Dr Mariette Grant

Portfolio GP

MBChB(Pretoria) MRCGP(Oxford Deanery)


GPwSI Ophthalmology

Masters Obesity Management(UoR)

Special interest in Functional Metabolic and Aesthetic Medicine

Nicki Connolly

Clinical Specialist Nurse


BSc(Hons)District Nursing 

Tissue Viability Nurse Specialist


Special interest in Aesthetic Medicine


Natural looking dermal fillers and wrinkle injections with botulinum toxin


As we get older our faces may start to look tired, sad and saggy, we may not look like we feel and by using modern filler facelift techniques (developed by Brazilian plastic surgeons) we carefully restore lost volume creating a natural lift of jowls, sunken undereye areas, nose to mouth lines and mouth to chin lines - natural looking results that look like you. Rounds of 3ml £600 to 4ml £800 may be repeated 1-6 times for a full filler facelift with good duration requiring some maintenance every 9-18 months and fast replacing surgical facelifts. Juvederm Voluma/Ellanse/Perfectha/Belotero/Restylane 

Cheek and chin and jawline fillers from £250.

Wrinkle relaxing injections with botulinum toxin are safe and have been around nearly 30 years.

One area £180, two areas £220, three areas £250 (usually crows feet, forehead and area known as number eleven lines inbetween brows);

additional areas £50 extra: barcode lines on upper lip/sad downturned lateral lips/bunny lines on nose; neck £200; bilateral underarms to stop sweating £400.

Lip fillers are particularly popular and we aim to work with your natural lip shape. £180 for 0.55ml and £250 for one mil. Juvederm/Belotero 

Wellness Support: Reviv Vitamin Drips and booster shots

B12 vitamin drip vitamin injection glutathione reviv slimming injection

Vitamin B12 £29

Slimboost £39

Vitaboost (glutathione) £39

coQ10 £49

IV Megaboost (multivitamins) £199

Royal Flush (multivitamin recovery) £349

Vitaglow (complexion brightening/GLOW) £199

Many patients feel the benefits of regular treatments lift their mood, boost focus and concentration, sleep, balances appetite, productivity and general coping skills as well as appearance of the body.  Can encourage fat burning. A popular treatment to prevent jet lag and help reduce the symptoms of illness like migraine,  exhaustion, overwork, dehydration due to gastroenteritis or flu.

PLEXR eyebag removal by “soft surgery”, Benign skin tag removal, Microneedling and PRP treatments


Removal of good natured tags from £110.

Microneedling with Sesderma Nanopore Stylus: controlled skin injury regenerating collagen improving fine lines and shrinking pores. Usually combined with a Ferulac and Retinol peel which reduces brown spots. £110 for face or neck and décolletage; £180 for face neck and décolletage.

Platelet rich plasma: Your own blood is used as a stem cell treatment to boost your skin or scalp after Microneedling. Blood can be boosted with a little filler to volumise the face £1000

a very popular treatment amongst men and women 

O-shot (orgasm shot) pelvic floor treatment to help relieve mild urinary incontinence and boost lubrication and clitoral and G-spot orgasms £1000

PLEXR: the delicate eye area can now undergo non surgical tightening of eyebags ! Using a delicate energy safe enough near the eyes (unlike lasers) skin is tightened at £500 per treatment. 7-14 days of downtime required initially swelling 3 days then tiny scabs which are not allowed to be picked off and may take 7-14 days to fall of revealing new fresher skin. Avoid sun. Up the 4 treatments may be required for surgical level results.